Our views

Our views

Human rights are an important component in the life of every person, because they accompany us everywhere and at all times. Some of them arise in a person from birth, others appear during the course of a person's life, but it can be clearly stated that their role is very important and everyone should know their rights and be able to use them and know how to protect them.

Recently, the importance of human rights and the awareness of the need to protect them have become very important. All over the world, countries care about the possibility of ensuring human rights, and this is not surprising, because without awareness of their importance, it is impossible to build a normal democratic and developed society. Education plays a crucial role in this matter. Education in this context should be considered in two aspects. First, one of the basic human rights is the right to education, which is fixed both by the norms of international law and the national legislation of various countries. The level of education development is an indicator of the development of society in general, which determines it as one of the priorities. Secondly, the right to receive education is one of the means to convey to each person awareness of his rights and awareness of the need to protect them. This side of education should start from childhood in kindergartens and schools and continue in higher education, regardless of what specialty a person acquires.

In this way, it can be argued that education is an inalienable right of every person, as well as a means of a person's awareness of his rights and ways of protecting them. Human rights have been formed for a long time and have become a vivid reflection of all the urgent problems of humanity at every stage, that is, they comprehensively reflect all the necessary aspects of those rights that can be violated, which makes it necessary to study them precisely through the learning process. It is education that serves as the effective tool that enables awareness of human rights, as well as understanding the need to observe and protect them. Such an understanding does not arise by itself, but requires the long-term formation of a system of knowledge, skills and values ​​that must be studied and nurtured throughout life. Along with this, each person should be oriented in democratic principles and human rights and understand such values ​​as dignity, tolerance, and respect for other people. Such foundations are acquired through the educational process throughout life and activity from an early age in a democratic environment.

Therefore, among representatives of the scientific community and other supporters of this direction, the idea of ​​unity and formation of the Center (Ukrainian Center for Human Rights and Development of Educational Innovations) is emerging, which will combine such elements.

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